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How to get the most from this website:

  1. Check Out the "3-D Spine Simulator" on the right margin of each page and the "Featured Articles"  listed on the bottom of our Home Page.
  2. Review the " New Patient" and "Current Patient""  Special offers on the Home Page and decide if they will be useful to you.

We Built this Site to Help People Like You to:

  1. Educate yourself about the facts, myths and expected outcomes of Alternative Health Care.
  2. Organize and understand the information and services that we offer.
  3. Take the 1st step in building a relationship to the road to your improved health and wellness.

The fact is, most people make better choices and live healthier when they know:

  • What to do - habits necessary to build.
  • How to do it - how to build these habits.
  • Why to do it - the benefits resulting from good habits, and the costs to you from bad habits.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "32 years of experience what more could you want!! she has a combination approach not done by most chiropractors, including acupuncture, muscle work, nutrition work and detoxification."
    Doug Henley
  • "First time appointment!!! Absolutely feel better... Dr. Sam is awesome. Migraine gone..."
    Jen John Blackman Klingler