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What does our Detoxification program involve? 

Our office offers the Detoxification Footbath, acupuncture, as well as nutritional evaluation as our primary therapies.  There are other recommendations we will make in your evaluation when you make your appointment. 

How does a Detoxification Footbath work?     The EB 305

We use the EB 305 deviceto create energy by altering the electron and proton load in the water to create an electromagnetic environment in which the patient places his or her feet to experience the donation of appropriate ions.  The donation of ions increases the body's energetics or in other words give you "life energy".

Within the human body there are energy channels known as meridians.  These meridians provide a pathway for energy to flow to or from a particular organ ( liver, kidney, etc. )  These pathways begin or end at points on the feet or hands.  A person's current state of health is determined by how well the energy on the body flows through these meridians. Bioenergetics is important because the amount of energy a person has the balance of energy contributes to the capacity of the body to:

  • Problem Solve
  • Do work
  • Detoxify

The EB 305 uses direct current and ions to provide energy that is sub-threshold. meaning that the patient generally will not feel the treatment.  However, after the treatment the results are visually evident.  This energy is very similar to micro current and cold laser therapy, both of which have been proven to increase and create more cellular ATP.  This increase in cellular ATP allows the cells' ability to work at a higher rate will allow the cell to work at a higher rate.  The EB 305 has been shown in clinical trials to change and balance the body's pH.

The EB-305 device takes advantage of that natural occurrence to remove the unwanted toxins and other harmful free radicals from within the body, that are stored within the body. By using the foot bath and water as a vessel to transmit this Ionic charge, the body will naturally absorb this energy force through the meridian points within the feet

How does a detoxification footbath work?

A footbath involves filling a footbath tub with clean water and adding sea salt which is high in mineral content.  An array is placed in the footbath which results in positively and negatively charged ions being circulated through the body.  These ions circulate primarily through the lympatic and circulatory systems.  These ions act like magnets to attract the oppositely charged ions of toxins, heavy metals and cellular waste. The footbath is painless and takes approximately 23 minutes. Toxins are excreated through the pores in the feet.  The footbath session will boost the liver and kidney's ability to eliminate toxins for the next 24 to 48 hours.

The positively and negatively charges ions introduced into the footbath will pass through your body and will have a similar cleansing effect through the body's natural filtration and elimination systems. At the end of your footbath session, you will observe the change in the color of the water of your footbath.  The various colors of the footbath will indicate the kind of toxins that ae being removed by the detoxification footbath. 

Detoxification footbaths have been shown to benefit by:

Relieving pain and joint stiffness die to arthritis

Removing heavy metals from the body

Improving sleep patterns

Improving kidney and liver function

Assisting in shortening the recovery time from injuries and illness

What you will experience from a detoxification footbath?

Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater feeling of well being.  Some patients with pain, edema, and swollen joints have reported relief immediately. Other patients with arthritis, allergies, headaches as well as other symptoms have experience relief and benefits with multiple treatments.

What is Detoxification?       

Detoxification is simply stated as cleansing the toxins form our bodies. What are these toxins and where do they come from?  Our bodies become toxic from both external and internal sources of toxins.

External toxins come from:

Absorption - absorption through our skin from chemicals used on fabrics and other surfaces, plastics and fertilizers.                            

Inhalation - air pollution, dental amalgam filling, mold, and smoke. 

Irradiation - x-rays, cell phones, computer monitors, televisions. 

Internal toxins - come from fermentation, purification and rancidity from ingested foods, dehydration, poor diet, and stress. 

Over 70,000 chemicals are commercially produced in the US and thousands of new chemicals are produced every year.  The EPA has classified 60,000 of them as potentially hazardous to human health.  In our food supply today, over 3,000 chemicals are added to our food supply and over 600 are commonly found in our drinking water.

Heavy metals are present in almost everyone and a significant source of toxicity. Lead, mercury, arsenic, copper are some of the heavy metals are collected throughout most of our bodies.  They are difficult to eliminate.

The weakening and compromising of our immune system is a major symptom of toxicity.  When our immune system becomes compromised, it is less able to fight off and rid itself of toxins. 


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